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Getting ready photos are moments captured during the getting ready portion of a wedding day.

They usually involve the photographer arriving an hour before you are scheduled to finish hair/make up. In that time the photographer will take detail photos of your dress, jewelry, and flowers. If you have a second shooter they will be focusing on candid photos of you and your family interacting as well as your partner’s getting ready.

Why I recommend them?

I recommend planning for getting ready photos if you have the time. It is the only point in the wedding day where we can take detailed shots of your small sentimental details such as jewelry, ties, watches, shoes, perfume, etc. These are items that often get drowned out the rest of the day. So if you don’t set time aside for these shots when you get your gallery back and look at your wedding day it wont feel like the full story.

Another reason i recommend them is because getting ready will be the only time during the day you are able to just hang out with the people most important to you. Most of my clients love their getting ready pictures because it captures their relationship between their friends/family. We get lots of natural moments like your mom compulsively straightening your hair, your friends laughing and teasing you because they haven’t had their make up done yet so they can eat. They love them because it is one of the most genuine parts of the day.

Are they a good fit for you?

Getting ready pictures are a good fit for you if you prioritize candid moments. It’s also a great fit for you if you want a complete picture of your wedding day. If you are sentimental and put lots of care and thought into your clothes/jewelry i would recommend it. I would also recommend it if you are using any family heirlooms or got customization on your clothes/accessories.

I would not recommend getting ready photos if what I said above doesn’t resonate with you. If you don’t care as much about what you are wearing or why you are wearing it. If having privacy is more important to you that is totally fine! Remember the wedding day is about you so take some time to think about what you will appreciative most and let your photographer know.

Are they necessary? No Will they be priceless? Yes

I hope this was helpful and you enjoy some examples of getting ready pictures!

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