Missoula Montana Wedding Venues You’ll Love


Looking to create a memorable wedding in the scenic beauty of Missoula, Montana? Look no further! From rustic barns to luxurious ranch resorts, Missoula and its environs offer an array of enchanting venues that will make your special day truly unforgettable. Let’s dive into the crème de la crème of wedding locations, where magnificent landscapes and exceptional settings combine to make your dreams come alive.

The Barn on Mullan Missoula Venue

Just a stone’s throw away from downtown Missoula, The Barn on Mullan tops the list of romantic, rustic venues. Imagine exchanging vows amongst rolling meadows, with majestic mountains as your backdrop. This converted historical barn seamlessly blends country elegance and modern vibes. Offering both indoor and outdoor spaces, The Barn on Mullan is ideal for those seeking an intimate barn wedding with a touch of natural charm. Out of all the Missoula Montana wedding venues it is one of the closest to town.

The Resort at Paws Up

For those desiring an upscale wedding experience, The Resort at Paws Up ticks all the boxes. Nestled approximately 20 miles outside Missoula, this luxurious ranch resort guarantees a fairytale setting. Picture exchanging vows beside glistening rivers, amidst breathtaking meadows, or in cozy cabins tucked away in the woods. The Resort at Paws Up prides itself on exceptional service, mouthwatering cuisine, and a spectacular natural backdrop, making it a dream come true for discerning couples.

The White Raven

The White Raven is a gorgeous luxury wedding venue near Missoula Montana. Showcasing stunning vistas, mountain views, waterfalls, and a modern upscale barn. This venue is truly worth visiting. Whether you wedding indoors, outdoors or both they are ready to accommodate up to 125 guests.

The Silver Knot

Another stunning indoor/outdoor Missoula Montana wedding venue. This one can accommodate up to 180 guests year round. They offer wide open views to the mountains and a light open floor plan in the barn. It also Has a fully equipped kitchen and allows you to bring RV’s and hook them up on their property.

Sky Ridge Ranch

Just a short distance from downtown Missoula, The Sky Ridge Ranch steals hearts with its sweeping mountain views and elegant ambiance. A scenic drive awaits you, flanked by 31 majestic maple trees that paint a picture of seasonal beauty. Then you make your way, the babbling Crow Creek, and a grove of aspen trees gently sways in the breeze. The finale of your journey is marked by a glimmering fountain in our pond. Finally the moment you walk through the two large glass doors, framed by the weathered beams from retired Flathead Lake docks, the magical aura of the Sky Ridge Ranch barn will leave you spellbound. The rustic, warm tones, and the soft romantic lighting set the perfect stage for your dream barn wedding. Be it an intimate gathering of 30 or a grand celebration of 300. At Sky Ridge Ranch, we understand that your wedding day should be nothing short of perfect. Inclusive packages, coupled with our exceptional services, make it easy for you to plan and enjoy the wedding of your dreams.

In Conclusion

With all of these Missoula Montana wedding venues that feature picturesque landscapes and charming cityscapes. The foundation for a dream wedding is there. So, immerse yourself in the stunning surroundings, let these remarkable venues weave their enchantment, and embark on your journey towards a happily ever after in the Big Sky Country!

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