Mountain Hiking Elopement Glacier, Montana

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This mountain hiking elopement took place on Avalanche trail in Glacier National Park. Sofie and Austin got married a few years ago in a less than ideal courthouse setting. I was so honored that they chose me to capture this special vow renewal in the mountains Austin grew up in.

The Avalanche Hike

We started the Mountain hiking elopement at the trail of cedars in the afternoon. It is VERY busy ( So I edit a lot of people out) and the lighting at avalanche is not great so I recommend a sunrise hike if you want to do this. The hike is uphill all the way to avalanche. We spent over an hour hiking the two miles there taking photos and got back down the hill in about 30 minutes. Once we are back sunset was starting and the crowds are gone. We were able to take some beautiful photos in a more private setting.

The Sunset

As most of you know I love colorful skies, and wildflowers. This client also really loved wildflowers so we stopped at a couple extra places to showcase the natural beauty in Glacier National Park. I hope you can feel the love in these photos and enjoy the magnificent surroundings. Austin is very shy however he was a good sport and truly enjoyed the experience.

This Mountain hiking elopement should inspire you to get out and enjoy the beauty of earth! Go at your own pace and make your day what you want, where you want, with whom you want.

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