St. Mary’s Wedding at Glacier National Park

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St. Mary's Glacier National Park wedding

Welcome! This post is about a couple who renewed their vows in St. Mary’s and have pictures taken as we drove to their ceremony site on Going to the Sun road. We did it in August at the peek of fire season. Many of these locations are almost impossible to capture in normal conditions. However because of the smoke dimming the sun we were able to capture some incredible views.

Going to the Sun Road

The goal for this couple was to explore new locations! So we stopped at a bunch of random(or partly random) places during our drive up the road. It led to these incredible river rapids, the glowing tunnel and an EPIC vista facing the setting sun! That is the point where drew learned he is actually afraid of heights! haha The next place we stopped is one of my favorites! There are tons of wildflowers growing on the edge of the road so Drew had an opportunity to be brave. Thankfully the next location wasn’t too bad it is one of the most iconic spots in Glacier National Park and my #1 Most requested. The flowers were in full bloom and the wind was strong creating epic movement and beautiful conditions to frolic in. They both had a great time! Then the final stop before the ceremony site was a beautiful waterfall where I asked the couple to just go have fun, and as you can see they did! These are a couple of my favorites from the whole gallery. You can really see the joy and spontaneity on their faces.

St. Mary’s

We pulled into Rising sun just as the sun pulled behind the mountain. After 4 difficult years of marriage Ivy & Drew renewed their vows to each other. Surrounded by some of the most incredible creations on God’s earth. They danced, and cried, and laughed. racing along the rivers edge and watching the colors sink further into the earth as the stars came out. It was a perfect peaceful night.

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