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Planning an Elopement at Two Medicine

Not all elopements at Two Medicine are booked a year in advance. Kelly and Jeff contacted me just a couple months before their ceremony to get coverage when their original photographer was no longer able to make it. They booked camp sites and stayed at Glacier National Park for a few quiet unplugged days together before their wedding. Then they booked an Air BNB in Columbia Falls to get ready in on the wedding day.

Getting Married at Glacier National Park

We planned an arrival time at sunrise (about 5 AM). This meant leaving by 3 AM and driving two hours in the dark. Thankfully I’m a morning person and think it’s worth getting up early for the tranquil quiet the sunrise provides before most people wake up. Kelly’s hair was taking a lot longer than they planned so sadly they arrived 45 minutes late and missed most of the sunrise. However I took as many photos as i could so they could enjoy it. I even created a couple composites of them at their first look location during sunrise. can you find them?

Once they arrived at Two Medicine in Glacier National Park it we time for the first look!

Mornings in Two Medicine

This was a beautiful Morning. Cool Mountain air and morning mist were coming off of the lake. if you pay attention you’ll see it in the photos. The first look was so intimate and emotional. Then we said goodbye to their family and went exploring. Our mission: Find the Beargrass!

For those who don’t know beargrass is a native flower that only blooms once every 7 years so they are difficult to find. once in bloom they only stay flowering for a week or two before they become dormant again. This flower is why Kelly and Jeffery chose to elope in Glacier so we were going to find some bear grass.

Hiking in Two Medicine

The original plan was to hike for ten/fifteen minutes then turn around and hike back. however we weren’t finding any great beargrass spots. We found stunning wildflowers but not the beargrass. After 15 minutes I found beargrass but it wasn’t a lot and it didn’t make my heart sing. I could tell we were getting short on time and my clients were getting uncomfortable hiking so far in their wedding clothes. So i told them to stay here and i would walk to the next meadow. If there was something there i would come back for them. It took about 3-5 minutes to reached the next meadow and once i got there my jaw dropped, Beargrass! I ran back to Kelly and Jeff super excited. we chose a spot by the trees on the far side of the meadow where they could get cozy framed on both sides by the lovely rare flowers. It was a perfect morning. We started the ceremony a little late but no one was complaining. That’s the best part about micro weddings in Glacier, you get to be flexible.

A Lakeside Wedding in Glacier National Park

Two Medicine is one of the least populated areas of the park but on a Saturday morning it is usually bursting with people. This Saturday however, everything was quiet. I mean by the time the ceremony started there was still only a couple people on the beach. The Reflection was perfect and it was a beautiful ceremony. One of their friends brought his guitar to play music during the procession. They were married by Kelly’s sister and shared some beautiful memories. Then they went away for a private moment to share their vows. After the ceremony we did family photos, had a delicious breakfast, and visited the falls. This is where we parted ways. They finished the day with a boat ride to St. Mary’s Falls and a dinner with their closest friends and family.

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